Solid State Drive

Discussion in 'Computer' started by Tyler, Feb 15, 2013.

  1. Tyler

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    hey guy, I just wanted to pick your brains on what you though about solid state drives and which ones you would recommend.

    I currently have 2 HDD and I want to get more speed than what I have. I do not mean video speed or processing speed, but I find my computer is actually not going at its full potential because of a lack of HDD speed.

    Also, what are some tips when using an ssd? Are there any things I should know before thinking about purchasing one?

  2. MeIsMyName

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    I would recommend getting at least a 240gb ssd just so you have the buffer room and so that you won't run out of space over time. You CAN get by with a 120gb drive, but you'll have a lot harder time with it.