How to open the PHANTOM PROSPECT Assignment in BF4

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    I had seen this on another forum and thought I would share...

    If you're Premium you have a new Gold assignment called PHANTOM PROSPECT but it’s not clear on how to get. Shows a ? under the Award Requirements.
    You need to look on the Leader Board screen look at the lower left corner, there is a skull icon, click it.
    A new screen will open, blue text will start to run on the screen.
    It will pause on ENTER PASSCODE>
    Type in “bumpinthenight” without the quotes.
    Now your Award Requirements are opened to get the tag
    This is what mine looked like.
    dracut: Scanning devices sda2 for LVM logical volumes sysvg/root sysvg/swap
    dracut: inactive '/dev/sysvg/root' [28.88 GiB] inherit
    dracut: inactive '/dev/sysvg/swap' [1.00 GiB] inherit

    >>> INITIALIZING PHANTOM PROGRAM <<<Identifing> Link[LNKD] -> GSI 11 (level, high) -> IRQ 11
    ENTER PASSCODE> bumpinthenight

    >> Contacting Battlelog permissions authority...
    >> Downloading assignment matrix
    >> Enabling access pattern
    >> Flushing to storage
    >> Assignment unlocked

    Unlock phase completed. Welcome to the Phantom Program...
    Stand by for further instructions_