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Discussion in 'Hunters Hall' started by Tyler, May 9, 2013.

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    Hello all HH members. As you may know I have not been on very much lately. I have had a lot of school and work come up. I'm truly sorry I have waited so long to say this, but I will be leaving the Head Hunters clan. It was fun, and we had some great times, but life is getting busy and too be honest, I'm not sure where this clan is heading. I am not trying to bash this clan at all, but in my opinion the rules need to be stronger and the leaders need to be active as well as fair among each other.​
    MeIsMyName and Joker started this clan with the intention of having fun, and they definitely achieved that goal, but I feel I need to be in a group where leaders actually get power and rules are enforced daily.​
    Anyway, thanks for the good times, and I hope we can all still be allies in near future. ​