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Discussion in 'Leave of Absence' started by kepano24, Nov 9, 2012.

  1. kepano24

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    I think I need a break from HH, the core group has changed, and the direction is getting lost.
    People like Pyro telling me I have to be on TS to ask people to play. I'm sorry, are we pulling this wck bs again. There is no requirement to be on TS to be in HH....I shouldn't have to get on TS to ask for help to the HH server going.
    The clan was awesome in the beginning, now that we have more people, things seems to be going astray.

    Clan mates leaving then posting shit on the forums like unscene...it happens, but our guys responding to him were just out of line.
    Joker persist in his quest to play on wck servers to piss them off, while posting flaming thread on battlelog is just plain stupid.

    I am for right now removing myself from HH...
  2. Tyler

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    First of all he never said you NEED teamspeak. He said it would help when trying to get the BF3 server going.
    In no way are we pulling WCK. Our leaders are devoted to keeping us strong together.

    Yea its true Joker should have not made that topic on the BF3 Forums but oh well, mistakes happen. Also, Joker trolling wck is his problem, not the clans.

    I'm in no way trying to make you stay, but I'm just stating in my opinion almost everything your saying is false.

    Take Care.
  3. Joker6Actual

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    Although I am trully saddend by your decision to leave, I feel that it is ultimately up to your discretion, and you are the only one who can make that decision for your own self. I feel however that you are slightly miss informsd about the facts. If you note, I have in the past borrowed an account from a friend of mine which I not only used on wck servers, but others as well, but if you know the user name to this account you can see it has not been in use in quite some time. As for the negative posts on the forums with wck, I seem to recall us all agreeing to quit posting them, and no offense, however I find it highly hypocritical for you to point out my "negative" posts, and completely ignore the multiple negative posts you yourself have made in regards to wck, which by my count actually out number mine. With regards to unscene, it was a clan voted decision to excommunicate him for his multiple grievances toward the clan, and our clan member responses although they were very critical, were very just. this now brings me to my final thought on your post, the leadership in this clan may have gained a member, and will soon gain two voted in leaders forming a council, but the mission has yet changed... As for Pyro telling you about t.s.... People in the clan play more than just bf3, and although they dont mind helping to get a server up, they might not know you're on a server, without you coming onto ts. I have never once not helped when not busy with work or family to start a server. This is all I have to say on this matter, and I hate to see you go... But if you feel the way you say you do nothing I can say or do will or can change it.
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    You mad bro?

    I'm sorry, I couldn't resist. =P
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    I was not going to get into this but what the heck,why not? First I will say that HH is a damn good clan and yes it is starting to change....OF COURSE IT'S GOING TO CHANGE!! This part of the growth process. Second, I can see good points on both sides of the coin and some negative. I will voice that kepano is right with sometimes hard to start server when lots of guys playing other game.Sometimes they help sometimes not. I also don't use ts sometimes because I want to focus on game not chatter and that's just me and my mood nothing against anyone.We are a clan,a brotherhood that takes time to build.SO INSTEAD OF FIGHTING AND ARGUING LIKE A BUNCH OF LITTLE SCHOOLGIRLS try to understand each other and talk it out!!!!!!!!!!!! Finaly The first time someone tells me I have to ts or play certain server or ts or any other wck type crap I am gone to. That's a bunch of crap none of us want or need ,SO FRACKIN RELAX !!
    ayone try to talk issues or we just acting like TONY??? like Mel and few others kepano is a long time friend so if anyone has any crap to talk don't do it in front of me....I don't want to hear it !! Instead talk to him......he is one of us......and we are not wck.......we are HH !!
  7. Tyler

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    well he is not one of us anymore....
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    Well, like I said... Teamspeak is not a requirment, however it can come in handy...