Im a person that you will see on the direwolf server.

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    I play on the direwolf server.
    My age dosent matter since that I am much more mature than someone on my age.
    Also I like to leave you guessing.

    I am a person that is in my own opinion, smart and nice(ish) depending on what person im talking to.
    although I am nice, I don't really have anything against telling the truth. Even if that truth is going to make someone sad and most likely mad at me. Although I do like to keep the truth to my self.

    I am interested in human behavior. I am a predictor. My moral compass doesn't exist. Not a lot of things phases me.
    I do think that some people are interesting, these people I will normally talk to a lot.

    I live in Denmark. My English is pretty good if I say so myself. I have two birds that is a bit noisy but don't think they will bother you.
    I loose focus quite a lot and my short term memory is what I would call shitty.

    My minecraft skills are varied. I know quite a bit and I don't. I know a lot about some thing and others I dont have a clue. Although I will remember most things people are doing on the server and what the blocks are.ยจ

    My username in-game is: narutofannummer2
    but I swear to god if you call me that I will go though your monitor and slap you.
    So call me:Death or Death's son. Whatever is easiest for you.

    I honestly don't know why im writing this. Im not really that big on the community side of things.
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