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    Some of you know me. Some may not. I know I may have made enemies here and I am sorry if that is the case. But I am Stingray4 AKA Stingray42 in BF3/4. Iwas a former leader of WCK or WestCoastKillaz. But I left due to the problems with PVTNeo. He is stuck on himself. I am sorry to bring this drama to HH. But for those who know him. Can agree. HE won't take anyones suggestions. And I'm tired of his bull. I am someone who will help people and clans succeed. But I also don't feel like treating people like they are nothing. I got to where I felt like I was being forced to ban good players just cause they said hello.

    Well, I am a long time gamer. I have played the Battlefield series all the way back from 1942 till now. I am currently in going into my second year as a College Student. Going for my Bachelers in Science for Of General Education & Special Education. I am going to be a teacher. I am currently a Teachers aide. Which is a job that I really love. Though it can be stressful at times. But the major draw back to it is. I don't get paid for all the time off. But I will change that once I get my degree. So I hope to see you guys in the battlefield. and Any other Game that you play. I do currently play Minecraft, and others.
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    Hey man, great to see you around. Hop on teamspeak sometime and we can play some games together! It's been a while since we've gotten to play together.

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