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    Attention! We have a Disabled Combat Veteran needing our help. He is facing eviction, because through circumstances beyond his control, he has fallen behind on his rent. He has been trying everything to get caught on his rent, but has been unsuccessful. This is a one time need, and with his disability would be able to stay current with his needs. He has tried to get family support, but they have been unable to help him. We have been working diligently for the last 24 hours trying to help this warfighter out. We have been unable to locate assistance for him. We have spoken with his landlord and they have agreed to give us a few days to help raise the funds and get this warfighter back on his feet and self reliant. We are asking an all hands support for this brother. He is behind $2400.00. Once he has this he will be caught up and will be able to maintain all of his bills and will not need to be helped again.

    ASMDSS is going to kick this off with a $500.00 Donation. That donation is being matched by an outstanding Charity Organization called PTSD Survivors of America for a total of $1000 already raised. They have also agreed to receive the donated funds from ASMDSS and disburse them directly to the landlord. All donations will be tax deductible under Section 501©3 of the IRS Code.

    So fellow warfighters, we just need to raise $1400.00 to finish this and help this battle out.

    Currently raised $2,060.00 of our target $2,400.00.

    Currently raised $2,060.00 of our target $2,400.00.